Money means happiness ? πŸ€”

Money, mankind’s enemy!

The root of all greed, 
The source of all differences in the world today.

All people want is, more of it;

Bag fulls, not a space of another penny ..

Yet more!

Rather than love,

The essence of life!

How beautiful it was,

Without this bait,

A simple bonded life.

The one for which you strived,

One gave away pecks of happiness,

In exchange for theirs.

Art was one of pride, 

And today it stands, 

Just a means of bribe! 

What not for money;

People do.

What all for money; 

They give away..

Happiness and pleasure, 

Is in a rich living.

A rich life,

Is not one that will stay !

Memories and love, 

One holds still in mind.

You thought money would;

But it only made you blind. 


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