Are WORDS always enough ?

Words don’t suffice, often

 Emotions bursting deep within!

Of love and pain and bliss,

That unfurl you, beneath the skin.

They unlock locks to locked layers,

Open passages to unexplored doorways,

Creating a plethora of new experiences

Re-defining you, everyday!

They say ‘Too much of anything is bad’;

Have you experienced too much love ?

Or felt too much pain ?

You’d know, it’s a mask, above.

But below the infinite covering,

The universe has evolved.
Creating a havoc inside;

Around the planets, the sun starts to revolve.

You shine brighter, cry harder.

Push your limits further, soar higher!

The stone polished and glistening,

A diamond fiercer!

But words aren’t often enough,

To express this beautiful moulding,

That our soul endures,

Only to be conquered yet winning!


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