The mirror where I cannot see my own reflection…

The glass in front of me;

Dark, stained with blood.
I try to look through,

All I see is a pair of red eyes,

Staring back at me;

Not with rage, but with pain

Not fiercely but with pity.

It wanted to come out

But I pushed it back with every breath.

I wanted to pull it out

And I did, 

And when I’m rid of it;

I want to reach out 

To it’s hands

But they slipped away.

How I wish I could hold onto them!

But all in vain,

Cause they were my hands

Blood stained;

That tore it to pieces,

Murdered it, so that it could do me no harm,

Killed it’s innocence, suppressed it bloom!

Even before its lips could bend 

I turned it’s smile into a cry. 

A cry that couldn’t be heard,

But I felt the pain inside,

Cause it was mine.

I tore down it’s wings

Before they grew;

Abandoned it without a curve on my face.

But today when I’m free of my mistake, 

Cleaned of all my guilt,

I stand in front of the mirror

It stays empty!

My reflection; 

Where did it go ?

I killed it with my own hands!


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